"OK. Follow the instructions."

Read the notes and instructions first!

  1. A procedure was over-run; it had gone on too long?
  2. A procedure was under-run, and needs to be run some more?
  3. You have achieved a state that has not been acknowledged?
  4. You are feeling suppressed by someone or something?
  5. There are one or more incomplete actions that need to be completed in your sessions?
  6. There are one or more incomplete actions that need to be completed in your life?
  7. There are one or more unethical situations in your life that need to be addressed?
  8. You did the session(s) while you were ...tired? ...hungry? ...under the influence of drugs or alcohol? ...distracted? ...not really willing to have a session?
  9. You did the session(s) over ...an upset? ...a problem? ...something you are not saying?...a harmful action you did?
  10. Something else wrong?
Get ready to end the session

Notes 1:

Final reminder

Here is a final reminder that the PaulsRobot Repair List is Number 6 in the Troubleshooting actions to take after a bogged session. The most common reasons for a bogged PaulsRobot session are covered in Numbers 1-5 of these Troubleshooting actions and the problem can usually be resolved without starting on this Repair list.

Notes 2:

Instructions for PaulsRobot Repair List
  1. Look carefully over the numbered list questions, one by one, and consider whether they apply to you. If needed, rub away while looking over them to make sure you have enough energy available. If a point doesn't seem to apply, mark an "x" on your session report next to the question number and move on to the next one.
  2. If a point seems to apply, mentally look over the area covered by the question and apply Rub & Yawn to the people and places and events concerned, including your part and others' parts. Make notes as appropriate in your session report. Often writing down your viewpoint helps to discharge the stress involved, but don't write pages and pages of details if it is not helping with obvious discharges (yawns, sighs etc.). If you have taken up a point like this, leave it when it seems discharged.
  3. You can go through the list again if it seems there might be more on it, but don't flog it to death. If the answer isn't there then it isn't there.
  4. Some of the questions require that you do something in real life in addition to simply taking some charge off by running through this list in session. Once the list is complete and you feel OK again, remember to do the real life things too. For example, if it seems that the session problem was caused by your attention being too tied up in something unethical you have been doing, the real life actions would include stopping doing the unethical things and making amends for them as necessary.