"OK. Pick an option."

Reach & Withdraw
This topic seems flat now
Don't want to continue
Rub & Yawn when needed as usual

Notes 1:

Reach & Withdraw

Reach & Withdraw is the lightest possible approach to a hot topic.

On the Reach command, one simply intentionally directs one's attention — however lightly — to wherever in the topic it is being attracted.

On the Withdraw command, one intentionally removes one's attention — however slightly — from the topic to anything else, maybe the room or one's hand.

These steps repeat (Reach, Withdraw, Reach etc) for as long as appropriate.


The six directions here are above, below, to the right, to the left, in front, behind.

On each above/below/etc step, one simply tries to place the topic above/below/etc one's body as best one can. This is easy to do with an uncharged topic, but hard to do with a hot one.

These steps repeat Above ... Below ... Right ... Left ... Front ... Back ... Above ... etc for as long as appropriate.

Notes 2:


Rogerian is talk therapy. One says aloud and writes down a brief (2 minutes maximum) sentence or two about one's topic. One then summarises (not repeats!) what one has just written down. One then notes how one feels (if anything) about that.

One then repeats this with saying/writing another couple of sentences. Then a summary. Then how one feels about that part.

One then repeats this with saying/writing a further couple of sentences. Summary. Feelings.

Then one looks at how this is coming along. You have — among others — the options of continuing on in the same manner, or going back and revising what you have covered.

These steps repeat (Relate facts, summarise, relate feelings, repeat another 2x, how doing? etc) for as long as appropriate.

Rub & Yawn

Rub & Yawn is incorporated into all three of these procedures. It helps a great deal with the discharge of the hot topic.

One can switch among these three procedures at any time in the session. For example, you might start with Reach & Withdraw for a few minutes, then go onto 6-direction for five minutes, then another two minutes of Reach & Withdraw and finally Rogerian for the rest of the session. Or you might do the whole session using Reach & Withdraw only. It's totally up to you.