"Is there any reason we shouldn't begin this session?"

Next screen starts the AUDIO PaulsRobot Repair List session
Next screen starts the NON-AUDIO PaulsRobot Repair List session
Well . . . .

Notes 1:

Steps 1-5 resolve far more problems than Step 6, this list

The PaulsRobot Repair List is for possible use after a PaulsRobot session bogged. It is not a professional correction list. The list should be done in a separate session to the bogged one, but note that this list is Number Six in the actions to take after a bogged session. The most common reasons for a bogged session are covered in Numbers 1-5 and the problem will usually be resolved without starting on this list. It is not action Number 1!

So make sure you have honestly and thoroughly done these earlier actions below, detailed in full here, before starting on the PaulsRobot Repair List:

  1. End the session that bogged.
  2. Go for a walk and look at external things.
  3. Read or re-read the procedure instructions for the session that bogged.
  4. Get ready for a repair session with the proper food and sleep etc.
  5. Do one or more regular PaulsRobot sessions thoroughly addressing your life from back when you were last doing well right up to now.

Notes 2:

It is vital to take care of your food/sleep etc. before a repair session

The items listed on a usual session report (Well-rested? Well-fed? No drugs/alcohol? Willing? No distractions? Enough time? Else?) are the common items that should be checked before any session. They are especially important before a repair session. Any one of them all by itself is a possible reason for session failure. It would be pointless looking for the real reason for a session failure while you are tired or drunk, for instance, as such a condition would make it hard or impossible to spot the real reason for the failure. It would be like trying to drive a car without having any fuel in the tank and then blaming the car when it wouldn't run.