6-Direction Technique

A very effective creative visualization procedure, in which the person recreates the most important (at that exact moment) elements of a charged topic and places these mental creations in different directions around his body, as a means of discharging the unwanted energy attached to them. Also to gain control over such mental images. Includes directions like "Put that topic above you."


Harmful subtle energy connected to a topic or incident, made from blocked life-force, that is released in a session. This release is often accompanied by yawns or sighs or other bodily discharges. When topics or incidents are fully discharged the memories remain but they are no longer unpleasant.


The entire aim of Rub & Yawn and almost all of the PaulsRobot procedures is to release the charge stored in the space of the body and about a meter around it in the associated subtle energy fields there. The subtle energy effects are not readily seen, but the physical manifestations (shutting down or discharges or neither) are fairly obvious and can be worked with as excellent indications of what to do next.


A process is flat when there is no more change occurring, no more charge coming off.


One of the directions an action can take. The main flows are (Flow 1) something happening to self or another/others doing something to self, (Flow 2) self doing something to another/others, (Flow 3) something happening to another/others or another/others doing something to themselves or others, and (Flow Zero) self doing something to self. Any one or more of these flows in an incident or topic could be charged and need relieving. Some examples are (F1) Alice hits you, (F2) you hit Bob, (F3) Celeste hits Dave, and (F0) you hit yourself.


Sometimes handling a specific charge works better when the person concentrates their attention into a particular area of the body or space around them, as if the charge were "owned" there. The more familiar alternative is to address some charge generally.

Reach & Withdraw

A simple and effective procedure to gain familiarity with something, whether a real-life object/area or a mental-emotional memory. One reaches, putting attention on the thing, then withdraws, taking attention off the thing, then reaches again, and so on.

Residual discharges

Yawns or other discharges that sometimes come off at the beginning of a Rub & Yawn session, formal or informal, that are not connected to any specific topic. These would occur irrespective of whatever one's attention is on.


This is the only talk therapy of the three techniques used here at PaulsRobot. The other two are 6-Direction and Reach & Withdraw. It is designed to be as close as possible to real Rogerian Therapy from a regular human counsellor.

Rub & Yawn

Contains three parts:

  • vigorous rubbing of the body to energize it, and
  • visualization in various specified ways of one's charged topic, resulting in
  • yawns or other clearly visible physical discharges showing harmful energy being dissipated.

Session (at PaulsRobot)

Period of time with a start and an end in which the user manipulates and discharges mental images.


In good shape for a session. Ideally, this means be well-rested, well-fed, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, willing and able to read and follow the instructions, and have no distractions, enough time for the session, and nothing else likely to pull you out of session. There is a sliding scale here, with session success being more/less likely as one's sessionability increases/decreases.

Shutting down

Going foggy, blanking out, losing focus, even slightly, as a result of some charge getting triggered. It is resolved easily by vigorous Rub & Yawn as long as one catches it in time. If not, it is easy to go to sleep, wasting valuable minutes of session time or life. It happens in life too, not just sessions, and the same remedy works in life.

Subtle energy

High-frequency energies of various kinds that make up the extended anatomy of a person (chakras, meridians, auric fields etc). The charge associated with the sensations, emotions and thoughts contained in a person's baggage is also made up of subtle energy.


(Subjective Units of Distress/Disturbance Scale) A standard 0-10 negative scale for a client to rate her topic both before and after a session.


(Subjective Units of Session Harmony and Insight) A new 0-10 positive scale for a client to rate her condition and ability or inability to find anything negative now to continue the session on.


The charged subject of a session, very personal to the individual, selected by the user and not from a provided list. General suggestions may be made, like Relationship trouble? but it is the user who selects his actual topic of Lyn Rizzergard next door.


Cause a topic to go from a dormant state to an active one. Cause the charge from a topic to suddenly become active and impinge on a person, so that he will experience the downscale sensations, emotions and thoughts contained in this piece of "baggage" and tend to "act out" its content. In advanced PaulsRobot work one triggers things selectively and deliberately so that the topics in question can be discharged and so not be available to be triggered in the future. Life triggers topics randomly.


Client; person having a session at PaulsRobot, more active than a mere viewer.

Yawn and Grow Rich course

A free course based on Napoleon Hill's famous book, Think and Grow Rich.

Yawnguy videos

Various YouTube videos that give a Rub & Yawn session to the viewer in real time.

Yawn Machine

A text-only explanation of Rub & Yawn.